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Manufacturer Item Number: 382687
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The TePe Mini toothbrush is developed for use from the first tooth to the age of 3 years. The tapered mini brush head has extra soft filaments for a gentle cleaning. The handle provides a stable grip for the adult brushing the child’s teeth but fits just as well in the small hand. The neck of the TePe Mini can be angled after heating in hot water. The toothbrush should be used twice a day, morning, and evening, together with toothpaste to maintain good oral hygiene. Children should be assisted by an adult. Other features and benefits include:

  • Available with or without charming prints created by Swedish Isa Form.

TePe Brush Comparison

TePe Kids Brush Comparison

TePe offers different sizes of toothbrushes for the different stages of growth. This video is a webinar about oral care for kids and teens.

TePe Mini Extra Soft Toothbrush available in the following pack-sizes:

  • 14-Pack (Item Number: 680083)
  • 25-Pack (680082)
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