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42% of retreatment in molars is due to canals being missed during the first root canal treatment. EndoGuide was co-developed with leading endodontists to be “three tools in one”, and has been proven to be more efficient and more precise in troughing to remove pins, posts or broken files, finding canals in both molars and anteriors, and accessing calcified canals. Other features and benefits include:

  • Conical shape acts as a self-centering guide for straight-line access to canals
  • Eliminates 2-3 Gates Glidden and 1 Ultrasonic tip
  • Facilitates increased tactile sense for MB 2/3 and calcified canals
  • Provides a polished dentin surface for easier visual identification of hidden canals
  • Diminutive size head allows for greater visualization by the clinician

Indications for Use

EndoGuide Burs are specifically designed for deep troughing; deeper orifice enlargement and calcified canals; de-roofing pulp chamber; initial access for small incisors; troughing and navigating calcified canals; navigating super ovoid and calcified canals; retrieving separated instruments. Find specific recommended applications for each bur on the Technical Details tab.

Problem: Round burs were designed to cut vertically and horizontally, which can cause run-off and difficulty finding canals during endodontic access.

Solution: EndoGuide burs are funnel-shaped, specifically designed to offer an accurate straight-line access path and better tactile sense. Doctors have indicated Endoguide Burs conserve 40% more peri-cervical dentin, which is key to strength, increased restoration life and general dentist satisfaction with endodontic results and referral.

EndoGuide Kit and Bur Reference Guide

Endoguide burs chart with recommended burs applications

SS White® proudly announces EndoGuide™ Micro Endodontic Burs for precision access and exploration of root canals. SS White has developed these innovative micro endodontic burs in conjunction with Dr. David J. Clark and Dr. John A. Khademi, two of today's leading experts in micro endodontic procedures.

"EndoGuide Burs can reduce or eliminate dependence on ultrasonic tips. EndoGuide Burs offer greater precision and efficiency in creating straight-line access and identifying canals in molar teeth."

Dr. John Khademi DDS, MS

EndoGuide Burs available in the following variations:

  • EndoGuide 1A [EG1A] (Item Number: 208501): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 1 [EG1] (208502): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 2 [EG2] (208503): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 3 [EG3] (208504): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 4 [EG4] (208505): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 5 [EG5] (208506): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 6 [EG6] (208507): 5-Pack
  • EndoGuide 7 [EG7] (208508): 5-Pack

Recommended Kits: SS White EndoGuide Bur Kits

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