Medicom® Hedy® Quadra Fold SMMS Wrap

CRD Item Number: 116138

Manufacturer SKU: 620WR-15MW

Vendor Medicom
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Hedy Quadra Fold SMMS wrap features four layers (two spunbond, two meltblown) to provide exceptional strength and flexibility. The extra meltblown layer provides an effective bacteria barrier and increase efficiency. Other features and benefits include:

  • Very low shrinkage rate with high air permeability; BFE of 99.8%.
  • Strong resistance to tears and punctures.
  • Memory-free before and after sterilization.
  • Easy to fold and handle and is virtually lint-free.
Indications for Use:

Single use wrapping material intended to protect wrapped contents from contamination and to create a Sterile Barrier System (SBS) as packaging for sterilization of medical devices.

Hedy Quadra Fold SMMS CSR Wraps 15"x15" (Item Number: 116138): 250-pack.

Hedy Quadra Fold SMMS CSR Wraps 20"x20" (116139): 125-pack.

Hedy Quadra Fold SMMS CSR Wraps 24"x24" (116140): 125-pack.

Q: Do I have to use 2 wraps for each cassette?

A: Generally, one wrap is enough, however it also depends on the size of cassette.