Kuraray® Clearfil™ Ceramic Primer Plus Silane Coupling Agent

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The Kuraray® Clearfil™ Ceramic Primer Plus is a single-component adhesive primer used to enhance the bond strength between resin-based materials, as well as porcelain, composite, hybrid ceramics, metal oxide (zirconia), and lithium disilicate. The product will also adhere to metal surfaces. In addition to the tried and proven adhesive monomer MDP for bonding to metal oxide, it contains a silane coupling agent which guarantees strong adhesion to all SiO2-based ceramic materials.

Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus is very easy to use; does not require mixing; and maintains excellent adhesion property in long-term storage due to the optimum combination of ingredients (better shelf life stability compared to other single component products). Use of Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus eliminates the need for HF treatment, and simplifies the procedure for using resin cements with indirect restorations, as well as for intra-oral repairs of fractured ceramic restoratives using composite material. Other features and benefits include:

  • Can be used on metal
  • Simple, no mixing required
  • Easy to apply and dry
  • Durable bond to any type of ceramic restoratives
  • Excellent shelf life stability
  • HF treatment is not required
  • Surface treatment of porcelain, ceramics, hybrid ceramics or composite resin. – Intra-oral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges made of porcelain, ceramics, hybrid ceramics or composite resin

Indications for Use:

  • Surface treatment of prosthetic restorations made of oxide or glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics, composite resin or metal
  • Intraoral repair of fractured restorations made of oxide or glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics, composite resin or metal

2020 Dental Advisory Preferred Product Award Reality Five Star Award

Example of Cementing a Crown

If your laboratory already treated with a hydrofluoric acid, cleaning and activating with K-Etchant Syringe just before applying Ceramic Primer Plus is recommended, as necessary.

  1. Apply Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus to the adherent surface of the restoration with an applicator brush and dry the entire surface sufficiently using mild, oil-free airflow.

    Apply Clearfil
  2. Pretreat the tooth surface as indicated, e.g. with Panavia™ V5 Tooth Primer (apply, wait for 20 sec., & thoroughly dry with mild air).

    Pretreat the tooth surface
  3. Cement the prosthetic appliance using resin cement (e.g. Panavia V5) according to the Instructions for Use.

    Cement the prosthetic

Strong bond ensured

How is it possible to establish a strong bond to all kinds of restorative materials with a single bottle of primer? It’s all about chemistry. The original MDP monomer strongly bonds to metals and zirconia. And a silane coupling agent MPS will do the same for composites and silica-based ceramics. These proven adhesive monomers give dentists the confidence to trust their cement and repair jobs. And the assistants? They will surely love the simplicity of the procedure.

Kuraray Clearfil is strong bond ensured

Just apply and dry

Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus may be applied to any restoration surface after the required pretreatment. For maximum simplicity and ideal results, the product may be combined with Panavia V5.

Clearfil may be applied to any restoration surface

MDP. What else?

Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus contains the Original MDP Monomer, an essential component of any adhesive product from Kuraray Noritake. Having been in use for more than 35 years, MDP offers a proven excellence in adhesion. MDP provides a strong bond not only to tooth structure, but also to metals and zirconia. Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus contains a particularly pure MDP monomer that forms a strong bond between the cement and the restoration.


Kuraray Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus Silane Coupling Agent (Item Number: 607502): 1 x 4 mL bottle