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Komet® S6830L S-Diamond® Pear Preparation Bur

CRD Item Number: 1901889

Manufacturer SKU: S6830L.FG.012.A2

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S6830L Pear - Matches H47L carbide finisher series.

Cavity Preparation | S-Diamonds®

The opening of the cavity and the initial preparation are noticeably simplified with the help of these structured diamond instruments. The use of S-Diamonds is highly recommended for increased efficiency. Their particular advantages make structured diamond instruments especially suitable for gentle treatment. Other features and benefits include:

  • The combination of a structured blank and coarse grit allows quick and effective substance removal and improved cooling.
  • The faceted structure of the blank reduces clogging and consequently the generation of heat.
  • The operation becomes notably more effective.
  • The time saved during treatment is equally beneficial to you and your patient.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

S6830L S-Diamond® Cavity Preparation Bur in use

Komet S6830L example of clinical use for cavity preparation

Komet Burs Preventing Micro Cracks in teeth

In order to prevent the formation of micro cracks, it is recommended to use instruments with rounded edges (to be recognized by the letters KR in the figure number). The red marking illustrates the different distribution of forces.

Material Reduction % of conventional diamond instruments vs S-Diamond

Material reduction in % Conventional Diamond instruments vs. S-Diamonds

Komet Structured Blank Bur

S6830L Structured Blank

Friction Grip Shank

S6830L.FG.012: 5-Pack (Item Number: 1901889)

S6830L.FG.014: 5-Pack (1901890)

S6830L.FG.016: 5-Pack (1901891)

S6830L.FG.018: 5-Pack (1901892)