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Komet® FS3 H132 Tungsten Carbide Finishing Bur

CRD Item Number: 338000

Manufacturer SKU: FS3.FG.008.A2

Vendor Komet
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Komet's FS3/H132 tungsten carbide is part of Komet's Facial Surface Trimming Carbide line. It features a tapered point, 8 blades (fine), and a safe end.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Non-cutting tips minimize tissue impingement and trauma
  • Leaves a pre-polish finish
  • No risk of creating edges on the restoration due to blade and point design
  • Size: 008
  • Size Ø: 008 1/10 mm
  • L1 in mm: 3.0 mm
  • Maximum Speed: 300,000
  • US Number: FS3

The H132 can be used for:

  • Trimming facial surfaces of composite filling materials
  • Efficient adhesive removal in orthodontic debonding procedures

Matches 8955/FSD3F diamond series.

Indications for Use

Working on fillings, composite finishing.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

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Number of Blades - Carbide Finishers

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Maximum Permissible Speed Legend

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FS3.FG.008 (H132): 5-Pack (Item Number: 338000)