KometĀ® 9891 Silicone Plug Bur Block Insert

CRD Item Number: 337465

Manufacturer SKU: 9891.000.2

Vendor Komet
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Silicone plug - refill for all KometĀ® bur blocks with silicone plug inserts - 8 pieces.

The silicone plugs hold instruments tightly in place, preventing them from falling out, even when they are being sterilized in an autoclave.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

Komet 9891 Silicone Plug Autoclave Instructions Komet 9891 Silicone Plug Autoclave Instructions Legend

9891.000.2 (Red): 8-Pack (Item Number: 337465)

9891.000.3 (Yellow): 8-Pack (337466)

9891.000.4 (Orange): 8-Pack (337467)

9891.000.5 (Green): 8-Pack (337468)

9891.000.6 (Purple): 8-Pack (337469)

9891.000.7 (Blue): 8-Pack (337470)