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Komet® 15802 Root Canal Preparation Diamond Bur

Manufacturer SKU: 15802.FG.014

Vendor Komet
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Komet's 15802 is a round-end tapered, coarse grit (green) diamond used for reaming and endo access cavity preparation.

The 15802’s unique shape has a round-end for initial access and the diamond taper that smooths out the canal and allows for deeper access into the canal.

Other benefits include:

  • Diamond-coated for efficient and smooth cutting.
  • Designed to create a straight-line access cavity to the root canal.
  • Helps with fast and effective lateral shaping of the canal entrance.
  • Works well in conjunction with the Endoguard H269QGK for optimal access.
Indications for Use

Root canal preparation: Reaming and endo access.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

a graphic example of an endo access done with the 15802 bur

Example of endodontic access performed with the 15802 root canal prep diamond bur.

Shank Type

Komet Shank Types

Diamond Grit Size Legend

Komet Diamond Grit Size Legend

Maximum Permissible Speed Legend

Komet Maximum Permissible Speed Guide

15802.FG.014 Ball End Tapered - Endo. Size: 014. Size Ø: 014 1/10 mm. L1 in mm: 10.0 mm. Maximum Speed: 160,000. 5-Pack (1901007)