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Item Number: 833100
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The EndoRing FileCaddy endodontic file storage device provides a unique bulk storage solution for all endodontic files. Simply place multiple files securely into the special foam insert, close the lid and steam autoclave the entire assembly.

  • Self-locking lid holds files securely, even if dropped or turned upside down
  • Autoclavable and durable: medical grade resin can withstand repeated steam autoclaving
  • 4 bulk storage compartments so files can be stored by length
  • Single-use foam inserts to reduce cross-contamination
  • Easy open lid: single-handed operation to open and access contents

How to use the FileCaddy.

Single Endoring FileCaddy Kit contains: FileCaddy, 12 single use foam inserts (6 yellow and 6 blue) (Item Number: 833100)

FileCaddy Foam Inserts 12-Pack: 6 Blue and 6 Yellow (833101)

FileCaddy Blue Foam Inserts 12-Pack Blue (833201)

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