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Garrison® Subgingival FitStrip™ Finishing and Contouring Refills

CRD Item Number: 202926

Manufacturer SKU: FPSGXFSS-4

Vendor Garrison
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Garrison®’s comprehensive FitStrip™ Interproximal Finishing and Contouring System has been expanded to include specialty strips for difficult-to-access subgingival areas. The new subgingival kit provides clinicians with all the diamond abrasive and serrated strips necessary to remove composite overhangs or excess cement quickly and safely. This complete kit includes nine diamond-coated abrasive strips (three each of medium, fine and super fine grit), one serrated saw and two interchangeable handles.

The new subgingival FitStrips are 33% more narrow at only 2.5mm in height versus standard FitStrips, and with their center, non-abrasive Safety Zone slip easily between teeth and below the contact area. The medium, fine and super fine durable diamond coating makes quick work of the cleanup and provides a silky-smooth finish.

Indications for Use

IPR, contact reduction, interproximal and subgingival finishing and contouring, crown and bridge cement removal/clean up as well as separating inadvertently bonded teeth.

Simple Subgingival Technique

  1. Slide between teeth. Starting with the medium grit (blue), twist the colored barrel until the strip is locked straight. Position the Safety Zone in the affected interproximal space. With gentle apical pressure and a slight back and forth motion, slide the strip between the teeth*. The barrel may be twisted into a curved position at this time to allow the strip to follow the natural tooth contours.

  2. Remove the overhang/excess cement. Move Fitstrip in a gentle buccal-lingual back-and-forth motion. Remove FitStrip and test the area with floss to ensure the desired result. Repeat as necessary.

  3. Finish and polish. Place the fine grit FitStrip (red) into the interproximal space using the method in step one. Move it in a gentle buccal-lingual back-and-forth motion three or four times. Remove the fine strip and repeat the process with the super fine (yellow) for an ideal polish.

*If the teeth are bonded together or the contact is too tight to get the 0.05 mm Safety Zone between the teeth, use the FitStrip serrated saw (gray barrel) first to gain access.

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Overview of the Garrison Subgingival FitStrips

"Good design to accomplish the task at hand. Designed to safely get too hard-to-reach areas of the mouth with minimal tissue damage."

Dr. Martin Jablow, Woodbridge, New Jersey USA

"One of the challenges to contouring composite that is subgingival interproximally is potential for gingival trauma to the papilla, the FitStrip Subgingival Strips are gentle to the soft tissue while providing excellent subgingival contouring that allows a more natural interproximal contour matching the tooth's shape being restored."

Dr. Gregori Kurtzman Silver Spring, Maryland USA

"Great product! Highly recommend it!"

Shanna Lurie, DDS, Delray Beach, Florida USA

"I have not been stressed out about subgingival smoothing since using this product! The fear of losing my interproximal contact while trying to get a straight strip in with enough coarseness to remove what I needed is gone! The non-abrasive mid-section slides right in and then down below the contact easily."

Toni Sartini, DDS, Palmyra, Indiana USA

Garrison Subgingival FitStrip Finishing and Contouring Refills available in the following variants:

  • Single-Sided Super-Fine (Item Number: 202926)
  • Single-Sided Fine (202927)
  • Single-Sided Medium (202928)