CRD Item Number: 202906
Manufacturer Item Number: FPSK01
Composite Finishing
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FitStrips are your complete line of interproximal trimmers and finishers!

Whether you’re looking for safe and accurate IPR for your aligner cases, interproximal cement clean-up, or smoothing out cervical margins, FitStrip is a fast and convenient solution. FitStrip makes your finishing and contouring procedure easier! Other features and benefits include:

  • FitStrips’ unique attachable handle has been IMPROVED! It’s even easier to attach (or remove) and makes a world of difference for both clinician ease-of-use and patient comfort. Your hand stays outside the mouth, providing a clear field of view and easier operation.
  • Twist the colour-coded barrel to adjust FitStrips’ curvature and it’s automatically locked in place—curved for finishing or straight for IPR. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • FitStrips are very durable and long-lasting. They stay sharp and ready to go even after multiple autoclave cycles.

Indications for Use

FitStrip is indicated for composite restorations (contouring/ finishing all interproximal surfaces), orthodontics (IPR/tooth slenderizing), and crown and bridge (cement removal and clean-up).

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New FitStrip Subgingival Finishers and Trimmers from Garrison Dental Solutions.

Instructional Video for the FitStrip Finishing and Contouring System.

En savoir plus sur la réduction de l'émail interproximal avec le FitStrip.

Learn how to use the FitStrip with this Instructional Video.

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