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Item Number: 202531
Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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Slick Bands XR virtually eliminate the problem of difficult to remove matrices. A micro-thin coating bonded to our dead-soft stainless steel reduces bonding agent adhesion by a whopping 92%! Band removal is a breeze. The SXR-series band thickness is .0016”.

  • Grab-Tabs™ for easier placement
  • Non-stick coating
  • Wider sub-gingival extension than the SM-Series

Important Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions:

Matrix bands are single use disposable items. Sterilization prior to use is recommended and can be performed using any common sterilization equipment or chemicals.

2018 Reality Five Star Award Dental Advisor Editors Choice Dental Advisor Sectional Matrix
Garrison Band Comparison Chart


ComposiTight SXR100

3D XR Slick Bands™ 4.6mm Bicuspid Matrices – gray
Most commonly used for: bicuspids


ComposiTight SXR150

3D XR Slick Bands™ 3.8mm Bicuspid Matrices with extension – red
Most commonly used for: bicuspids with deep cervical preparations


ComposiTight SXR175

3D XR Slick Bands™ 5.4mm Small Molar Matrices – purple
Most commonly used for: bicuspids and small molars


ComposiTight SXR200

3D XR Slick Bands™ 6.4mm Large Molar Matrices – green
Most commonly used for: molars


ComposiTight SXR300

3D XR Slick Bands™ 6.4mm Molar Matrices with extension – blue
Most commonly used for: molars with deep cervical preparations

Short animation showing the Composi-Tight® 3D XR Sectional Matrix System from Garrison Dental.

Slick Bands XR available in:

  • SXR100 Grey 100-Pack (Item Number 202531)
  • SXR150 Red 60-Pack (202532)
  • SXR175 Purple 100-Pack (202533)
  • SXR200 Green 100-Pack (202534)
  • SXR300 Blue 60-Pack (202535)

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