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Item Number: 470501
Flowable Composites

Renamel® Flowable Microfill exhibits great fluorescence, excellent handling, and low porosity. It is perfectly matched to the classic VITA shade guide and the rest of the Renamel Restorative System to make composite repairs and sealing margins fast and easy. Other features and benefits include:

  • Low porosity (.3) helps to eliminate voids
  • Extensive selection of translucent incisal shades
  • Fluoresces like tooth structure
  • Polishes to a high shine
  • Wide shade range to match any tooth surface

Indications for Use

Use Renamel Flowable Microfill for composite repairs and sealing margins in small restorations.

4 Star

Dr. Buddy Mopper demonstrates how to get a perfect Class V restoration using Cosmedent's Renamel Flowable Microfill, Renamel Body Microfill, and Top Finisher systems.

Renamel Flowable Microfill 3 g Syringes are available individually in 17 shades:

  • A1 (Item Number: 470501)
  • A1.5 (470502)
  • A2 (470503)
  • A3 (470505)
  • A3.5 (470506)
  • A4 (470507)
  • B1 (470510)
  • B2 (470511)
  • C1 (470514)
  • C2 (470515)
  • C3 (470516)
  • C4 (470517)
  • D2 (470519)
  • D3 (470520)
  • Incisal Light (470523)
  • Incisal Medium (470524)
  • White (470526)

Click here to view the Cosmedent Flowable Microfill SDS.

Click here to view the Cosmedent Flowable Microfill IFU.

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