CRD Item Number: 504501
Manufacturer Item Number: 604101
Permanent Cements
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With Prevue® water-soluble try-in gel you can try-in restorations with complete ease and reliability. Unlike many try-in gels, Prevue takes colour-shift into account so you can be confident when selecting your resin cement shade. Make as many adjustments as you feel are necessary to create the perfect shade-match without the risk of premature curing.

Prevue water-soluble try-in gels take the guesswork and messiness out of porcelain and indirect resin veneer colour evaluation. Other features and benefits include:

  • Non-sticky, water-soluble material
  • Perfectly matched to polymerized Insure Resin Cements
  • Widest range of colour versatility among any try-in system on the market
  • Easy to place and remove - Simply wash away with water
  • Harmless to tooth structure and soft tissue
  • Low glycerin content for reduced sensitivity

"Insure and Prevue together make the try-in and cementation of porcelain veneers extremely easy and predictable."

Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr. D.D.S.

"Insure was formulated specifically for cementation of all ceramic restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. This comprehensive system is close to ideal in its physical properties, colours, versatility and its ability to make chairside adjustments."

Robert L. Nixon, DMD, Developer of the Insure/Prevue System

Prevue 2.5 g Syringes are available individually in the following shades:

  • Clear (Item Number: 504501)
  • Yellow-Red Universal (504502)
  • Yellow-Red Light (504503)
  • White Opaque (504504)
  • Grey-Light (504505)
  • Pink Opaque (504506)
  • Yellow Opaque (504507)
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