CRD Item Number: 561900
Manufacturer Item Number: 906102
Polishing Pastes
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Porcelize™ is a unique two-step diamond polishing paste that will create a high polish on your porcelain restorations. Porcelize is a two-grit system for porcelain: 1 micron (pink) and 3 microns (blue). The Porcelize kit comes with two syringes of polishing paste, including one of each diamond grit, plus rubber and felt wheels. Both grits can also be purchased individually.

Reality Four Star Award

Porcelize Kit (Item Number: 561900):

  • 2 x 2.5 g syringes (3 micron (blue) + 1 micron (pink))
  • Rubber and felt wheels

Porcelize 3 micron (blue) Refill (561503): 2.5 g syringe

Porcelize 1 micron (pink) Refill (561501): 2.5 g syringe

Felt Wheel (561500)

Mandrel (524161)

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