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Composite Instruments
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With Non-Stick Composite Placement Instruments from Cosmedent® you can place, sculpt, and contour direct composite resins without a "pull-back" struggle.

Six anterior and eight posterior Non-Stick Composite Placement Instruments feature a titanium coating that remarkably reduces resin stickiness, and the extra thin, exceptionally flexible blades will permit access in hard-to-reach areas. Other features and benefits include:

  • Thin and flexible, anterior instruments make it easy to access hard-to-reach and normally inaccessible areas
  • Posterior instrument series make sculpting, placing, and contouring easy in Class II and Class III restorations
  • Multi-functional Super Pluggers facilitate condensation toward the gingival seat

Anterior Instruments

8A (short blade) – Perfect for gingival retraction (to sculpt under free margins) as well as for placement of material on the tooth and sculpting facial aspects.

8AL (long blade) – Great versatility! The 8AL allows you to get into smaller areas and can be used for placing and shaping.

Broad Blade Applicator – If you have a lot of material to place, then this instrument is for you; this is a wider version of the 8A instrument.

IPCL (long blade, extra thin) – Thin and flexible, the IPCL allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks. Facilitates interproximal access and creates precise contour and shaping in embrasure areas.

IPCT (short blade, extra thin) – Excellent choice for working interproximally as well as for packing cord. The thin blade reaches under margins to hone and sculpt.

Multi-Use – The Multi-Use instrument is used to place incisal grooves in the body material prior to addition of an incisal-shaded material. It can also be used to apply and gently condense posterior materials, especially in the box areas of a Class II preparation.

Posterior Instruments

M1 (ball burnisher) – Sculpt finite areas such as grooves, pits, and fissures with this double-ended small and medium ball burnisher.

26-30 (ball burnisher) – A ball burnisher on one end and an egg-shaped burnisher on the other end specifically designed so that you can blend material to the margin during final contouring.

SP1 (super plugger, small/medium) – This versatile instrument has a small and medium plugger used to condense composite materials, especially into the gingival seat and box areas. Each end also has a round or angular edge for carving occlusal anatomy.

SP2 (super plugger, medium/large) – The SP2 is perfect for condensing larger restorations. It has the same useful edges as the SP1 for carving occlusal anatomy.

POCL (posterior occlusal contouring instrument, large) – The unique design of the POCL will allow you to sculpt secondary and tertiary anatomy including cusp tips and incline planes.

POCS (posterior occlusal contouring instrument, small) – Same as the POCL, but smaller! The POCS is perfect for gaining access to harder-to-reach areas.

IPCOAL (off-angle, long) – Get into normally inaccessible areas with this straight-bladed instrument. The IPCOAL instrument makes contouring and shaping both anterior and posterior restorations much easier to achieve.

IPCOAS (off-angle, short) – Just like the IPCOAL, only short.

Anterior Kit (Item Number: 065910): 1 each of the 6 anterior instruments

*Posterior Kit (065920): 1 each of the 8 posterior instruments

Non-Stick Composite Placement Instruments are also available individually:


  • Short Blade (8A) (065101)
  • Long Blade (8AL) (065102)
  • Broad Blade Applicator (065103)
  • Long Blade - Extra Thin (IPCL) (065105)
  • Short Blade - Extra Thin (IPCT) (065106)
  • Multi-Use (065104)


  • Ball Burnisher (M1) (065202)
  • Ball Burnisher (26-30) (065201)
  • Super Plugger S/M (SP1) (065204)
  • Super Plugger M/L (SP2) (065203)
  • Occlusal Contouring Instrument L (POCL) (065205)
  • Occlusal Contouring Instrument S (POCS) (065206)
  • Off-Angle Short (IPCOAS) (065207)
  • Off-Angle Long (IPCOAL) (065208)

*SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT: Product is not stocked in our warehouse and is only requested when an order is placed for said product. This product is ineligible to be returned.

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