CRD Item Number: 503101
Manufacturer Item Number: 6241A1
Provisional Composite Materials
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MirrorImage™ provisional composite creates temporaries that look and feel like natural teeth. It has a fast working and setting time, trims easily and requires minimal occlusal adjustment. Patients will appreciate its high polish, strength and durability. The result is an esthetic restoration both you and your patients can be confident in. Other features and benefits include:

  • Fast working time and setting time
  • Trims easily and requires minimal occlusal adjustment
  • Highly esthetic - High polishability
  • High flexural strength
  • Minimal oxygen-inhibited layer
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Minimal exothermic reaction
  • Pleasant vanilla scent
  • 50 mL cartridge with a 10:1 dual-port automix delivery

MirrorImage Starter Kit Includes:

  • MirrorImage - Faster working and setting time, easy trimming, minimal occlusal adjustment and high polishability.
  • CONNECT - Translucent, dual-cure resin cement for temporary crowns.
  • ADHERE - This is a non-eugenol, zinc oxide-based temporary crown cement. Easy cleanup and fast removal.
  • ADJUST - Flowable composite designed to correct and repair your temporary crown and bridge material.
  • GLOSS - Light-cured one-component acrylic varnish for intraoral use on your temporary crown and bridge. Achieve a high-polish quickly.

Indications for Use

MirrorImage is indicated for short- and long-term temporary crown and bridge restorations.

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MirrorImage Polish

MirrorImage Polish

"I find this material very nice to work with. It trims easily, has a wonderful scent of vanilla while trimming, has a nice working time and I'm able to obtain an excellent final polish and finish."

Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

"MirrorImage flows well, sets hard & fast, trims easily and requires minimal occlusal adjustment. It's very accurate and polishes to a high shine. A great addition to the other fine products Cosmedent sells!"

Dr. Bob Margeas

"I am very fond of MirrorImage for its ease of trimming, great working time, natural fluorescence and superior strength. It flows very well providing accurate temporary restorations that polishes to an excellent shine!"

Dr. David Chan

*MirrorImage Starter Kit w/ ADHERE Cement (Item Number: 503200):

  • MirrorImage
  • ADHERE non-eugenol temporary crown cement
  • ADJUST correction material
  • GLOSS intraoral varnish
  • Cosmedent brush

*MirrorImage Starter Kit w/ CONNECT Cement (503100):

  • MirrorImage
  • CONNECT translucent temporary crown cement
  • ADJUST correction material
  • GLOSS intraoral varnish
  • Cosmedent Brush

*MirrorImage 50 mL Cartridges (including 10 mixing tips) are available in the following shades:

  • A1 (503101)
  • A2 (503102)
  • A3 (503103)
  • B1 (503104)
  • SB2 (503105)

*SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT: Product is not stocked in our warehouse and is only requested when an order is placed for said product. This product is ineligible to be returned.

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