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Item Number: 552900
Strips, Saws & Sanders
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Extra-thin, extra-strong, diamond-coated metal FlexiDiamond™ Strips are designed for interproximal finishing of porcelain without losing the integrity of the contact. These versatile, multi-use strips slide through tight interproximal areas without causing damage.

FlexiDiamond Strips are great for finishing and polishing porcelain interproximally and for starting the interproximal polish on dental composite restorations. They are also a good tool for orthodontic stripping. Other features and benefits include:

  • Natural diamond lasts longer and cuts smoother
  • Flexible for easy access into curved surfaces without the risk of breaking
  • Strong and malleable
  • Maintain complete integrity of contact areas
  • Can also be used for orthodontic stripping
  • Gapped in the center for easy insertion
  • Autoclavable

Reality Four Star Award

Assorted Strips 12-pack (Item Number: 552900): 6 wide (2 of each grit), 6 narrow (2 of each grit)

Narrow Assorted Strips pack (552910): 12 narrow strips (4 of each grit)

Wide Assorted Strips pack (552920): 12 wide strips (4 of each grit)

Refill Strip 12-packs available in:

  • Narrow : Coarse (552111)
  • Narrow : Medium (552112)
  • Narrow : Superfine (552114)
  • Wide : Coarse (552121)
  • Wide : Medium (552122)
  • Wide : Superfine (552124)
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