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Composite Finishing
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Cosmedent® rubber polishing FlexiCups™ and FlexiPoints™ combine high-flex with great stability, making it easier for you to characterize and polish your composite restoration. Other features and benefits include:

  • Easy to polish gingival prominence of any restoration
  • Characterize and polish dental composite resin
  • Small enough to gain access to the most difficult areas
  • Offer maximum flex with great stability
  • Wear-resistant and autoclavable
  • Medium grit (blue) helps you achieve labial characterization
  • Superfine grit (pink) helps you polish lingual and labial surfaces

Indications for Use

Use FlexiCups to polish gingival margins and achieve labial characterization. Use FlexiPoints on lingual surfaces to create labial grooves, and to polish occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth.

FlexiCup Medium

FlexiCup Medium

FlexiCup Superfine

FlexiCup Superfine

FlexiPoint Superfine

FlexiPoint Superfine

In this short video, Dr. Jason Smithson takes you through all the key steps to achieve an amazing polish on composite restorations. You will learn how to set up incisal edges, proximal walls, secondary anatomy and achieve a gloss-like final polish.

FlexiCups Medium (Item Number: 522601): 6-pack (Blue)

FlexiCups Superfine (522602): 6-pack (Pink)

FlexiPoints Medium (521601): 6-pack (Blue)

FlexiPoints Superfine (521602): 6-pack (Pink)

Click here to view the Cosmedent Polishing Chart.

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