Cosmedent® Creative Color® Pink Opaque™

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Creative Color® Pink Opaque™ allows you to neutralize dark, discoloured teeth, transforming them into bright, natural-looking teeth. Whether you're cosmetically treating non-vital teeth, tetracycline-stained teeth, or teeth with metal posts and cores, Pink Opaque will diminish unsightly grey and brown without over-opaquing. Features and benefits include:

  • Quickly neutralize dark stains and unsightly dentition
  • Mask non-vital, tetracycline-stained teeth and teeth with metal posts and cores
  • Easy-to-use and apply to restorations
  • Gives you natural restorative results that are not overly-opaque
  • Can be used under dental composite and porcelain

Indications for Use

Use Pink Opaque to mask extremely dark grey or dark brown discolourations due to tetracycline staining, the unsightly non-vital tooth, and non-precious metal shine-through.

Masking Discoloured Teeth

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Bud Mopper

  1. Prepared teeth

    Prepared Teeth
  2. Application of Pink Opaque

    Application of Pink Opaque
  3. Finished restoration

    Finished Restoration

See how Cosmedent Creative Color Pink Opaque will quickly neutralize darkly stained teeth and metal and is the best solution for nonvital, discolored, or tetracycline-stained teeth or teeth with metal posts and cores.

For establishing colour, see how Dr. Bud Mopper's clinical technique can help you block unwanted undercolour while providing the perfect canvas for you to create the final esthetic result.

"Laboratories have known for years that Pink will neutralize grey and dark stains and create a more lifelike effect. Pink Opaque was developed with this idea in mind."

Bud Mopper DDS, MS, Developer of Pink Opaque

"A magical product. If there is one product everyone should have it is Cosmedent's Pink Opaque."

Corky Willhite, D.D.S.

"If there is one product that will make you a better esthetic dentist, it is Pink Opaque."

Larry Rosenthal, DDS

Pink Opaque (Item Number: 451529): 2.5 g syringe

View the clinical product application in the article Achieve a Natural Color on Stained Dentition with Pink Opaque by Dr Mopper, DDS, MS.

View the Creative Color SDS.

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