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ContacEZĀ® Hygienist Pink Strip

CRD Item Number: 208279

Manufacturer SKU: 35108

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The ContacEZĀ® Hygienist Strip is an advanced, high-precision dental strip designed to remove extrinsic discoloration and plaque from interproximal surfaces without causing damage to tooth enamel. The non-abrasive, flexible, stainless steel strips clean proximal contact areas of tough coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine stains quickly, safely, and easily to ensure patient satisfaction and save hygienist chair time. Other features and benefits include:

  • Removes stains and plaque from proximal surfaces
  • Non-abrasive perforated strip protects enamel
  • Accesses areas that are difficult to reach with other tools
  • Leaves a smooth proximal surface for flossing
  • Flexible, highest-quality, stainless steel strip
  • Thinner than dental floss
  • Autoclavable, steam heat only, up to 270ĖšF

Clinical Images

ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip Clinical Technique 4

Protect the lip by using either a cotton roll or fingers to move it out of the way. Insert the strip with minimal vertical pressure.

ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip Clinical Technique 5

Passing the thin, perforated strip back and forth buccolingually will even remove stains between tight contacts.

Procedure Steps

  1. Place a cotton roll between the lip and gum. Insert the strip into interproximal spaces by passing back and forth buccolingually with minimal vertical pressure.

    ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip Clinical Technique 1
  2. Use gentle force to curve the flexible strip along the stained interproximal surface. Pass the strip back and forth buccolingually, maintaining the pressure on the stained surface until the discolouration has been removed.

    ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip Clinical Technique 2
  3. Repeat as necessary on the opposite tooth. The strip will curve and clean along the natural curvature of the tooth with its built-in flexibility. The non-abrasive perforated strip will not damage enamel, just remove the stain.

    ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip Clinical Technique 3
ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip Technical Details

The ContacEZ Hygienist Pink Strip is available in 8-Pack (Item Number: 208279) and 32-Pack (208302) quantities.