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Zircules™ Nano-Filled Core Material surpasses other core materials in strength, handling, and cutting efficiency. Its chemistry maintains high strength, regardless of whether it’s used in a dual-cure or self-cure technique. With ideal flow consistency Zircules is stackable and cuts like dentin, eliminating the possibility of gouging for any core build-up, simple or complex. Other features and benefits include:

  • Zirconium dioxide nano-filler has significant benefits including higher radiopacity and improved hardness
  • Flows easily into the post space, yet it is stackable so that you can build a sufficient amount of core material without the material slumping
  • Transition from core material to natural tooth is smooth and free from gouging
  • Available in two esthetic shades (A2, A3), as well as White Opaque and Blue

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Posterior Core Build-Up

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Christopher Ramsey

  1. Zircules has an ideal consistency. It flows easily, yet it won’t slump.

    Zircules flows posterior tooth won't slump
  2. The Zircules zirconium dioxide nano-filler creates superior radiopacity and hardness giving it the feel of natural dentition. Zircules cuts beautifully, resulting in a smooth transition from core to tooth; without gouging.

    Zircules posterior no gouging

Anterior Post Build-Up

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos

  1. Post preparation to receive a Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO #1 post. Try-in.

    Zircules Post Preparation
  2. Post cemented with Zircules and core buildup performed with direct application of Zircules using auto-mix integrated needle tip. Note that the material stays in place after delivery without slumping.

    Post Cemented with Zircules
  3. Final preparation. Note the smoothness of preparation with perfect blending between dentin and Zircules. Also, no ditching is present on preparation due to the mechanical properties of Zircules which cuts just like dentin.

    Zircules Post Final Preparation

5 mL / 9 g Syringes:

  • White Opaque (Item Number: 406501): 1 x 5 mL / 9 g Syringe, IFU/SDS
  • A2 (406502): 1 x 5 mL / 9 g Syringe, IFU/SDS
  • A3 (406503): 1 x 5 mL / 9 g Syringe, IFU/SDS
  • Blue (406504): 1 x 5 mL / 9 g Syringe, IFU/SDS

25 mL / 45 g Cartridges:

  • White Opaque (406921): 1 x 25 mL / 45 g Cartridge, IFU/SDS
  • A2 (406922): 1 x 25 mL / 45 g Cartridge, IFU/SDS
  • A3 (406923): 1 x 25 mL / 45 g Cartridge, IFU/SDS
  • Blue (406924): 1 x 25 mL / 45 g Cartridge, IFU/SDS

Recommended 5mL/9g Syringe Tips: Clinician's Choice Mixing Tips for Zircules

Recommended Dispensing Gun: Clinician's Choice Mini 1:1 Dispensing Gun for use with Zircules 25 mL/45 g cartridges.

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