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Clinician's Choice® Symmetry Facial Plane Relator

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Symmetry is the ideal communication tool between you and your lab for determining the cant and incisal edge position of the central incisors.

With Symmetry, you can easily record an accurate bite registration and the exact position of the desired midline in relation to a horizontal plane in just 60 seconds!

  • Horizontal plane alignment bar features an arch with 25 fingers for stabilizing the registration material, plus a snap-on vertical alignment bar
  • Simple, straightforward technique

Reality Four Star Award Try-It Guarantee 3-year shelf life

A bite registration technique and the exact position of the desired midline in relation to a horizontal plane with Symmetry Facial Plane Relator.

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Margeas.

  1. Assemble the facial plane relator by snapping the vertical alignment bar into the Symmetry arch. A marker can also be used to make a fine line on the front of the cross for improved visibility.

  2. With the patient in an upright position, apply a thick ribbon of Affinity Quick Bite across the lower arch (Anterior Bite) then instruct the patient to close in a normal/passive position.

  3. When applied properly, the Quick Bite will extrude labially upon closing. If necessary, additional Quick Bite may be added to the labial surface to ensure a good foundation is achieved.

  4. Without delay apply Quick Bite across the arch fingers so they are completely covered. A top and bottom layer works well.

  5. Immediately insert the Symmetry arch fingers into the extruded Quick Bite, reminding the patient to maintain a passive/closed position. Adjust the Symmetry arch to align the vertical bar with the previously marked positions on the patient's face (30 seconds working time). PLEASE NOTE: the patient does not bite on the Symmetry arch.

  6. When complete, carefully remove the Symmetry arch. Dislodge the vertical axis bar, protect it to prevent bending of the plastic, and send it to the laboratory with your final impression.

  7. When properly used, the Symmetry arch will effectively and accurately communicate your instructions regarding the patient's facial midline in relation to the horizontal plane.

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