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The Bioclear™ Black Triangle matrix system enables black triangle closure up to 40% faster* than with the original Bioclear matrices. These matrices are custom-designed for black triangle treatment and require no trimming prior to seating. A colour-coded gauge and matrices make choosing the correct curvature for gingival embrasure closure simple and predictable. The Black Triangle matrices are available in two sizes (large incisor and small incisor) and four curvatures allowing you to treat the entire anterior sextant, canine to canine and both upper and lower arches with strong aesthetically pleasing results.

Other features and benefits include:

  • 40% faster* closure of black triangles
  • Delivers Bioclear’s consistently strong and aesthetically pleasing results
  • Colour-coded gauge and matrices
  • Available in two sizes and four curvatures
  • Black Triangle Gauge is fully autoclavable

Indications for Use

Bioclear Black Triangle system is custom designed only for black triangle treatment.

*Typical improvement for most Bioclear dentists

Black Triangle Closure with the Bioclear Method

Black triangle teeth clinical technique

Black Triangle Closure with the Bioclear Method


bt matrix


bioclear bt

See how to use Bioclear's new Black Triangle Matrix System with 3M Oral Care's products to create a fantastic restoration.

Dr. David Clark uses the Bioclear Matrix which allows for a minimally invasive approach to treating dental black triangles between teeth and diastemas.

Black Triangle Matrices individual refill 20-packs available for all sizes:

  • Small Blue (Item Number: 208601)
  • Small Green (208602)
  • Small Yellow (208603)
  • Small Pink (208604)
  • Large Blue (208605)
  • Large Green (208606)
  • Large Yellow (208607)
  • Large Pink (208608)

View the clinical technique article Treating The Dreaded Black Triangle With The Bioclear Method: A 4-year Follow Up in Oral Health with Dr. David Clark where he details the Bioclear Method for closing black triangles with predictable end results.

View the Bioclear Black Triangle Matrix System product sheet.

View the clinical product application article Predictable Treatment Technique for Solving the Black Triangle Dilemma by Dr. Taras Konanec, DDS.

Replacement Gauge: Black Triangle Gauge

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