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AdDent Calset™ Accessory Trays

CRD Item Number: 437111

Manufacturer SKU: 600003

Vendor AdDent Inc
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Calset™ Accessory Trays are sold separately for use with the Calset Composite Warmer. Warming the composite increases the depth of cure, improves the composite flow, shortens curing time, reduces micro-leakage and improves the physical properties of the composite.

  • Standard Compule Tray - Holds and warms 8 composite compules plus has a well for extruded material
  • 7 Hole Syringed Tray - Holds and warms up to 7 Composite Syringes
  • MultiPRO Tray - Accepts composite dispenser, 2 finishing instruments, 2 syringes and 4 composite compules. Compatible with the CoMax, Kerr (Original), Caulk & Clinician’s Choice dispensers.
  • Compule Dispenser Tray (Special Order) - Holds and warms spare compules. Warms compules in Composite Dispenser. Compatible with the Centrix & Venus Dispensers.
  • Restoration Tray (Special Order) - The indirect adhesive interface is one of the weak links in clinical bonding procedures. With the Restoration Tray, water released from the silane reaction can be quickly evaporated. For those wishing to cement with warm paste composite, there are two slots that hold the most compule designs.
  • Porcelain Veneer Tray (Special Order)- Veneer Tray allows cementation using warm composite and provides fast composite cleanup.
  • Anesthetic Tray (Special Order) - Anesthetic injected at body temperature is more comfortable for the patient and holds 3 compules.

Instructions for Use

The Calset unit is designed to heat composite material, anesthetic solution and porcelain veneers. The Calset unit accepts composite from compules or syringed material. A tray placed on the top of the heater will either hold compules or will have a holder for your composite dispenser. There are other trays.

Fillapex Dental Advisor

Dr. Joshua Austin demonstrates how to use a Calset Composite Warmer.

“I’ve been using the Calset warmer for several years and it has become an indispensable part of my practice. Not only does it make today’s heavily filled composites easier to express, but heating enhances the physical properties of the resins, making for a stronger and more durable restoration.”

Douglas L. Lambert, DDS, FACD, FASD, FASDA, FICD, ABAD

Available Trays:

  • Standard Compule Tray – tray only (437111)
  • 7 Hole Syringed Tray – tray only (437102)
  • MultiPRO Tray - tray only (437909)
  • *Compule Dispenser Tray – tray only (437105)
  • *Restoration Tray – tray only (437110)
  • *Porcelain Veneer Tray –tray only (437104)
  • *Anesthetic Tray – tray only (437101)

*SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT: Product is not stocked in our warehouse and is only requested when an order is placed for said product. This product is ineligible to be returned.

Q: Can Calset heat-treated composite be used for CEMENTING (i.e. LUTING) restorations?

A: Calset can and is being used for the cementation of restorations. This is being done by several leading clinicians and at the University of Iowa Dental School.

Q: What effect does heat treatment with Calset have on polymerization shrinkage?

A: Heat is used to accelerate the polymerization reaction. All composites shrink in the course of polymerization to a maximum based on their individual properties. Heat just gets the material to reach maximal polymerization with lower light levels and in less time.

Q: Can composite be left in the Calset all day?

A: Compules can be left in the unit for up to 8 hours without causing premature polymerization of the composite. It is recommended that the Doctor chooses the shade and places the compule(s) in the Calset at that time, then continue prepping the patient.

Q: Does heating composite damage the pulp?

A: Data obtained at the Medical College of GA School of Dentistry indicate that the injection of composite resin heated to 130°F into a cavity preparation results in a pulpal temperature rise of only 2.9°F (Fred Rueggeberg, Medical School of GA School of Dentistry). This is well below the critical temperature rise thought to be the threshold for pulpal effects.

Q: How long does it take to warm the composite in the Calset?

A: When you turn the Calset on in the morning, it takes approximately 10 minutes to come up to temperature. Once the unit has been warmed, it only takes 2-3 minutes to warm the compule of the composite.