CRD Item Number: 820737
Manufacturer Item Number: F00737
Ultrasonic Tips
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Acteon EndoSuccess™ Ultrasonic Tips generate perfectly linear movement, are made from high-quality exclusive alloys for a variety of endodontic applications. Most tips have built-in water ports when cooling of lavage is required, but may be used dry in some cases.

Suggested Applications:

Canal Access Preparation:

ET18D: This diamond coated tip is the workhorse

  • Chase calcified canals, or locate same
  • Coronal shaping in ovoid cases
  • Endodontic Access refinement
  • Removal of overhangs or filling materials

ETBD: This Ball-shaped diamond-coated tip is safe for finding elusive and calcified canals. Its round shape ensures safety.

ET20: Retreatment Tip used in the 1st coronal third for extraction of filling material, silver points, broken instruments, as well as removing of debris and the smear layer.

ET20D: Popular tip for obstruction removal in the coronal third of the root or troughing in the coronal third.

ET 40D: for removal of material in the middle third.

ET 25 Series (ET 25, ET25S, ET 25L) is a Titanium Nobium tip which allows perfect transmission of the Ultrasonic vibrations and tip flexibility. It is ideal for retrieving broken instruments.

ET PR: Post removal tip uses vibration to loosen metal posts.

Apical Surgery:

AS3D Tip: is intended for apical surgery of anterior teeth. It should be used without pressure, at the lowest possible effective power.

AS9D Tip: is for complex cases and allows preparation of the root canal up to the coronal third.

AS6D Tip: second instrument in the sequence, it should be used to obtain a preparation length of 5mm at least.

ASLD Left Tip: recommended for apical surgery of premolars and molars. This instrument should be used with very light pressure.

ASRD Right Tip: recommended for apical surgery of premolars and molars.

Endo Success Retreatment Kit

Endo Success Retreatment Kit

Endo Success Apical Kit

Endo Success Apical Kit

ET18D tip removing pulp stone:
Access cavity preparation.

Canal access and localization.

EndoSuccess Retreatment Kit (Item Number: 820737):

  • 1 x ET18D tip
  • 1 x ET20 tip
  • 1 x ET25 tip
  • 1 x ET25S tip
  • 1 x ETBD tip
  • 1 x ETPR tip
  • Metal holder
  • Autoclavable universal wrench

EndoSuccess Apical Surgery Kit (820069):

  • 1 x AS3D tip
  • 1 x AS6D tip
  • 1 x AS9D tip
  • 1 x ASLD tip
  • 1 x ASRD tip
  • Metal holder
  • Autoclavable universal wrench

Tips available as individual units:

  • ET18D Cavity Access Preparation Tip (828017)
  • ETBD Ball Diamond Exploration Tip (828020)
  • ET20 Universal Retreatment Tip (828011)
  • ET20D Universal Retreatment Tip, Diamond Coated (828013)
  • ET25 Retreatment Mini Tip (828018)
  • ET25S Short Endodontic Tip (828021)
  • ET25L Long Endodontic Tip (828022)
  • ET40 Long Retreatment Tip (828012)
  • ET40D Long Diamond-Coated Retreatment Tip (828014)
  • ETPR Loosening (Post Removal) Tip (828019)
  • AS3D Apical Surgery Tip (Item Number: 820065)
  • AS9D Apical Surgery Tip (820067)
  • AS6D Apical Surgery Tip (820079)
  • ASLD Left Apical Surgery Tip (820080)
  • ASRD Right Apical Surgery Tip (820081)
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