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The 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative is a universal composite designed to simplify single-shade restorations, for efficient restorations that don't compromise esthetics.

With just eight designer shades and an Extra White, the 3M Filtek Universal Restorative covers all 19 VITA classical shades and bleach shades. It features NaturalMatch technology, a combination of nanofillers, low-stress monomers and pigments, for more natural blending with dentition. Nanocomposite technology provides improved strength, polish and esthetics, and improved radiopacity helps you clearly see the composite on a radiograph. The 3M Filtek Universal Restorative is part of the 3M Filtek Brand of composites, trusted by dentists for over 50 years to deliver more than 1 billion dental restorations. Other features and benefits include:

  • Creates beautiful, natural-looking restorations with just eight shades
  • Available in eight designer shades that match all 19 VITA classical shades and bleach shades*
  • Blends with surrounding dentition with a chameleon-like effect
  • Features NaturalMatch technology, a blend of nanofiller, low-stress proprietary monomers, and pigments
  • Formulated with proprietary low-stress monomers to help protect against shrinkage and shrinkage stress
  • 2 mm depth of cure
  • Has excellent, creamy handling
  • Long-lasting polish and wear resistance

Indications for Use
  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Core build-up
  • Splinting
  • Indirect restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers

*Source: 3M Internal Data

21st-century Class III restoration using a Bioclear Matrix with injection molding

Class 3 before


Class 3 after


Click here to view the 3M 21st-century Class III restoration using a Bioclear Matrix with injection molding case by Dr. Richard Young.

Solve 6 of your Biggest Challenges

With rising patient expectations, dentists must create esthetic restorations without losing efficiency. By using Filtek Universal Restorative to overcome these 6 common challenges, you can more simply create beautiful, lasting results.

1. Match VITA and blend to natural dentition

Filtek Universal Restorative, which is a true nano-composite, helps you create natural-looking restorations with efficiency and simplicity, using 8 specially designed shades, plus an XW, that blend to natural dentition.

Match VITA and blend

All 8 Filtek Universal designer shades plus an Extra White (XW) cover 100% of the 19 VITA classical and bleach shades.1

2. Match the white shade of bleached teeth

With a whiter, extra white (XW), Filtek Universal Restorative eliminates the need for another specialty shade, simplifying the matching process and giving your patients an extra white smile.

Match the white shade of bleached teeth

Expected size of the global teeth whitening products market by 2024.2

3. Worry less about shrinkage and stress

Filtek Universal Restorative has lower shrinkage stress than other composites, meaning you can worry less about stress.

Worry less about shrinkage and stress

The measured shrinkage* of the 12 most popular nano-hybrid composite restoratives currently on the market.3

4. Cover dark stains

Filtek Universal Restorative allows you to improve the overall quality of the restoration with the versatile pink opaquer specifically designed to mask metal and dark tooth structure.

Increase in average patient spend

The increase in average patient spend on cosmetic procedures from 2015 to 2017.4

5. See composites on a radiograph

Instead of guessing between tooth structure and composite material, Filtek Universal Restorative helps you easily identify composites at recall.

See composites on a radiograph

200-250% or greater considered most appropriate for composites.5

6. Warm with confidence

Filtek Universal Restorative capsules can be warmed up to 70°C/158°F for one hour, by doing so this lowers extrusion force and doesn't change physical properties.

Warm with confidence

Warming lowers capsule extrusion force by 75-80%.6

1 3M Internal Data

2 Teeth Whitening Products Market Size Worth USD 7.40 Billion By 2024. (2017, August 17). Retrieved from

3 Spiller, M.S. (2012, October). Dental Composites: A Comprehensive Review. Retrieved from

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6 3M Internal Data

* Measured after five minutes of light curing

** 2.93 mmAl

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Filtek Universal Restorative Capsule (0.2g each) 10-Packs are available in the following shades:

  • Pink Opaquer (Item Number: 3-103280)

Filtek Universal Restorative Capsule (0.2g each) 20-Packs are available in the following shades:

  • A1 (Item Number: 3-103271)
  • A2 (3-103272)
  • A3 (3-103273)
  • A3.5 (3-13274)
  • A4 (3-103275)
  • B1 (3-103276)
  • B2 (3-103277)
  • D3 (3-103279)
  • Extra White (3-103281)

Filtek Universal Restorative 4g Syringe Refills are available in the following shades:

  • A1 (Item Number: 3-103282)
  • A2 (3-103283)
  • A3 (3-103284)
  • A3.5 (3-103285)
  • A4 (3-103286)
  • B1 (3-103287)
  • B2 (3-103288)
  • D3 (3-103289)
  • Pink Opaquer (3-103290)
  • Extra White (3-103292)

Recommended Dispenser for Capsules: 3M Filtek Restorative Dispenser for Capsules

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