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Item Number: 3-109101
Fluoride Treatments
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Clinpro 5000 1.1% Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste is an advanced formula containing an innovative Tri-Calcium Phosphate ingredient. It contains fluoride, as well as calcium and phosphate, which are components naturally found in saliva. Clinpro™ 5000 Toothpaste delivers more fluoride, helps strengthen enamel and helps reverse white spot lesions better than other commonly used remineralization treatments, such as a conventional fluoride toothpaste (5000 ppm F-) and a topical cream containing calcium phosphate (900 ppm F-).

Vanilla mint flavour, 113 g

  • Strengthens teeth and reverses white spots better than leading brands
  • Contains both 1.1% sodium fluoride and innovative calcium phosphate ingredients
  • Gentle cleaning, gentle whitening and low abrasion delivers desired results
  • Vanilla mint flavour

3M Clinpro 1.1% NaF Toothpaste (Item Number: 3-109101): 1-pack, vanilla mint flavour, 113g.

Click here to view the Clinpro SDS.

Click here to view the Tri-Calcium Phosphate info sheet.

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