Ultradent™ EDTA 18% Chelating Agent Solution

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Vendor Ultradent
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EDTA 18% Solution is a root canal chelating agent that conditions/cleans through a chelation process. EDTA 18% Solution is the irrigant of choice for smear layer removal and can be used as a final irrigant prior to obturation.

Indications for Use

It is recommended to use EDTA as a final rinse before obturating canal with EndoREZ or any other sealer. EDTA is used as a final irrigant for 60 seconds prior to obturation.

Gluten Free

Learn Ultradent's recommended irrigation protocol using Ultradent's complete line of Endodontic irrigants and unique delivery tips. These products can increase success rates and simplify any root canal therapy no matter which cleaning and shaping technique is used. (480 mL bottles not available in Canada.)

30ml IndiSpense Syringe (Item Number: 733162)