Cosmedent® Renamel® De-Mark™ Flowable Cavity Liner

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Renamel® De-Mark™ is a top-selling radiopaque cavity liner that eliminates faulty diagnosis by clearly demarcating your composite restoration on radiographs. De-Mark helps you quickly identify where composite material stops and natural tooth structure begins. Other features and benefits include:

  • Flows easily and adapts perfectly to the floor of the preparation and the gingival margins
  • Highly radiopaque so you will never misdiagnose decay
  • More opaque appearance prior to curing - very easy to see
  • Slightly more viscous, giving you more control
  • Better marginal seal - lowers polymerization-shrinkage and post-operative sensitivity
  • Smooths sharp line angles, making composite placement easier

Indications for Use

De-Mark radiopaque lining material helps evaluate marginal integrity, rule-out overextended restorations, and helps detect recurrent caries.

De-Mark used to line the cavity preparation.

De-Mark used to line the cavity preparation.

Class II Composite Restoration - In this live video, Dr. Corky Willhite shows how to use Renamel De-Mark to properly seal your Class II restoration and avoid moisture contamination. In addition, Dr. Willhite reveals some unique characteristics of this material and demonstrates how to use Renamel De-Mark to facilitate your posterior restorations.

Product Review - Renamel De-Mark. Dr. Corky Willhite explains why Renamel De-Mark is one of his favourite Cosmedent products.

"I needed a highly radiopaque material for lining posterior composites, so with Cosmedent, I developed exactly that. And in the process, we were able to create some additional advantages like having more opacity before curing, so it's easier to see to place it where you want it and keep it off the occlusal margins. Renamel De-Mark also has a bit thicker viscosity so it stays in place better. I wouldn't do a posterior composite or a Class III or Class IV without it!"

Dr. Corky Willhite

De-Mark 3 g syringe (Item Number: 473500) with tips

Recommended Syringe Tips: Clinician's Choice Universal Needle Tips, 18G Pink.