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Clinician's Choice® Esthetic Contouring Instruments

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Esthetic Contouring Instruments are specifically designed to properly manipulate and contour composite material to create highly detailed anterior composite restorations.

Featuring a convex-shaped paddle on one end, the Clinician's Choice Esthetic Contouring Instruments allow you to spread the composite material across the facial plane for diastemas, Class IV, and Class V restorations. The convex surface has no edge to catch and pull the composite, allowing a smooth composite to tooth transition.

Esthetic Contouring Instruments come in two different grips:

  • Gold Grip: long flat, thin and flexible blade makes interproximal composite placement a breeze.
  • Blue Grip: bladed end allows trimming of excess composite and to cut grooves into the material to create the illusion of enamel cracks. With its opposing blade, ripples can be created prior to cutting for better light reflection.

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  1. The Gold instruments' permanent end is a sturdy, curved spoon shape, the back of which is ideal for shaping the curves of the lingual concavities.

    Esthetic Contouring Instrument Facial
  2. The front side is used to form the curvature at the gum line or interproximal on the lingual side.

    Esthetic Contouring Instrument Lingual
  3. The front side may also be used to carry material to the preparation.

    Esthetic Contouring Instrument Carry
  4. The replaceable (black tip) end of the Gold instrument is spatula-shaped and has been designed for use on the facial surfaces of maxillary incisors and the buccal of posterior teeth, or where there is a large and rounded surface.

    Esthetic Contouring Instrument Facial
  5. Excellent for adapting a gum line margin, it is also ideal for forming the gentle curve toward the interproximal and tooth’s edge for esthetic highlighting.

    Esthetic Contouring Instrument Interproximal

Gold Grip Instrument (Item Number: 063103): 1 ea.

Blue Grip Instrument (063106): 1 ea.

Gold Grip Instrument Replacement Tip (063104): 1 ea.

Blue Grip Instrument Replacement Tip (063107): 1 ea.