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Clinician's Choice® Composite Ninja

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Composite Ninja is a versatile placement, shaping and carving instrument designed to perform the tasks of several composite instruments, all in one.

The ergonomic Composite Ninja features an angulated, sharp, two-sided blade that allows the clinician to easily access any area of the tooth surface without an awkward rotation of the wrist. This unique flexible blade is longer than a traditional periodontal scaler and round-ended for deeper, atraumatic subgingival instrumentation.

The Composite Ninja features:

  • Angulated, sharp, two-sided blade allows for easy access on any area of the tooth surface
  • Multi-angled blade enables the tapering of the composite interproximally while establishing line-angles and blending the material into the natural tooth
  • Sharp blade that accurately and efficiently removes any unwanted material

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Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Margeas.

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