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Symmetry Surgical® Bovie® Portable Cautery Unit

CRD Item Number: 430102

Manufacturer SKU: DEL1

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The Bovie portable cautery unit is a lightweight, cordless, thermocautery device used for localized soft tissue trimming and hemostasis.

Battery-powered. Safe & Simple to use. Convenient & Compact. No wires, foot pedal or grounding plates required. Affordable. The Bovie unit quickly reaches 2,200°F (1,200°C) for fast and convenient cautery. The unit instantly cools once the activation button is released. Penlight-sized handle weighs only 3 oz. Kit includes cautery unit, four sterile single-use disposable tips, and two AA batteries. Other features and benefits include:

  • Provides pinpoint hemostasis
  • Removes unhealthy soft tissue and lesions
  • Trims gingiva before impressions
  • Safer to use than AC-powered cauterizing systems
  • DC battery power eliminates the risk of electric shock to patients
  • Can be safely used on patients with pacemakers
  • Fibroma removal

Indications for Use
  • To control hemostasis prior to final impressions
  • For removal of unhealthy tissue in subgingival restorative cases
  • Tissue tag removal (safe around implant placements)
  • Removing flaps over partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Exposing margins of deep subgingival restorations

The Bovie portable cautery unit can safely be used on patients with pacemakers, defibrators, metal implants and tattoos with no issues because the device works on heat not electricity.

portable cautery

The surgical removal of fibroma.

Photography courtesy of Dr. Larry Gaum

Bovie Portable Cautery Unit Kit (Item Number: 430102):

  • High-temperature handle
  • 2 x H101 non-sterile tips
  • 2 x H103 non-sterile tips
  • 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  • Foam-lined case (1/box)

Bovie Disposable Fine Tips H101 (430101): 10-Pack

Bovie Disposable Loop Tips H103 (430103): 10-Pack