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Cosmedent® Renamel® OPALITE™ Microfill Composite

CRD Item Number: 491528

Manufacturer SKU: 6071OP

Vendor Cosmedent
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Introducing Renamel® OPALITE™ Microfill. This new Renamel Microfill colour has subtle opalescent effects that brighten the tooth and give it optical depth and vitality. Use this microfill colour as the final layer to elevate composite restorations with the most natural replication of enamel. Works seamlessly with any composite system. Other features and benefits include:

  • New Renamel Microfill shade designed to elevate your composite restorations
  • Creates a natural color-adaptive effect on your final layer
  • Highly polishable composite that emulates natural enamel


klecio before opalite


klecio after opalite

Learn how the Renamel Microfill Opalite is used.

Recreate Nature with Renamel® OPAL™ and Renamel® OPALITE™ Shades. Mimic the opalescent effects of enamel, brighten the tooth, and give optical depth and vitality to your restorations with these two new Renamel shades.

"The opalescent effects within a tooth add a real sense of beauty and depth."


Renamel Microfill Opalite (Item Number: 491528): 1 x 4g Syringe

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