CRD Item Number: 067900
Manufacturer Item Number: 61096
Preventative Aids
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The Zekrya Gingival Protector provides protection for your patient and convenience for you. With the Zekrya Gingival Protector, you can retract soft tissue to protect gingiva from rotary instruments during cutting and finishing.

Zekrya features an exclusive crescent-shaped tip on an adjustable ball joint that is attached to a metal handle. The tip can be rotated to an exact angle that matches the tooth’s facial surface to achieve gingival fit.

The Zekrya Gingival Protector prevents injury to the gingival tissue and causes less discomfort to the patient. Insertion of a restoration is possible without waiting for healing. When the Zekrya protector is used, there is no blood to interfere with cementation of the veneer or the polymerization of a composite. Zekrya increases direct visibility by offering more accurate and controlled preparation and interpretation of margins. Other features and benefits include:

  • Swivel joint allows an easy adjustment of the arcs to any desired position
  • The flexible arc of the protector adapts to fit all tooth sizes
  • Retracts soft tissue while protecting gingiva during rotary instrumentation and preparation
  • Two sizes of replaceable stainless steel arc protector tips to fit all teeth
  • Autoclavable for infection control

Indications for Use

The Zekrya Gingival Protector is used for gingival retraction and/or protection for veneer preparations, finishing porcelain or resin veneer margins, Class V subgingival caries removal, checking marginal fit of crowns and checking loose bridges. The Zekrya Gingival Protector is a superior quality stainless steel instrument that is ideal for a wide range of applications. It features an exclusive crescent-shaped tip attached to a metal handle for easy maneuvering.

DMG Zekrya Gingival Protector (Item Number: 067900):

  • 1 x Swivel Handle
  • 10 x Small Arcs
  • 10 x Large Arcs

Replacement Arcs - Small (067501): 10 x Small Arcs

Replacement Arcs - Large (067502): 10 x Large Arcs

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