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Kuraray® Clearfil™ Photo Core

CRD Item Number: 603901

Manufacturer SKU: 355KA

Vendor Kuraray
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Clearfil™ Photo Core is a light-curing core build-up composite for the most demanding esthetic requirements. The material has a balanced filler share (83 wt%, 65 vol%) which has been specifically designed for the construction of dependable core build-ups.

This material cures completely to a depth of 7 mm in just 40 seconds which is unique. Thus clinicians are able to simplify their procedure by eliminating copper bands and matrix bands and incremental layering, especially when using Core Forms. Clearfil Photo Core cuts like dentin after curing, is radiopaque and does not stick to instruments during application thanks to its special formula. With a compressive strength of 334 MPa, Clearfil Photo Core is ideal for small or large Core Forms on vital or devital teeth. Other features and benefits include:

  • Actual polymerization depth of 7 mm
  • No increments needed with Core Forms
  • Esthetic transparent shade
  • Cuts like dentin
  • Easy handling
  • Radiopaque
  • Non-stick formulation

Indications for Use

Restorations where a light-curing composite for core build-up is required.

Kuraray Clearfil Photo Core 4.4 g Syringe 3-Pack (Item Number: 603901): 3 x 4.4 g syringes.

Kuraray Clearfil Photo Core 0.4 g Compules 30-Pack (603902): 30 x 0.4 g compules.

Q: What is Clearfil Photo Core?

A: Photo Core is a micro-hybrid, light-cure composite build-up material with a unique 7 mm depth of cure after 40 seconds.

Q: What is the compressive strength of Clearfil Photo Core?

A: The compressive strength of Clearfil Photo Core is approximately 334 MPa.

Q: Is Clearfil Photo Core radiopaque?

A: Yes, Clearfil Photo Core is radiopaque.

Q: Since it is light-cure, does Photo Core have to be layered and incrementally cured?

A: No. Clearfil Photo Core has a unique 8 mm depth of cure and this eliminates layering and multiple curing. It cures 5.5 mm in 20 seconds, 7 mm in 40 seconds and 8 mm in 60 seconds with conventional halogen units.

Q: Does Clearfil Photo Core require the use of a tofflemire matrix band or a copper band for placement?

A: No. Clearfil Photo Core eliminates the need for copper bands, as well as the need to use tofflemire matrix bands.

Q: How long does it take to do a core build-up with Clearfil Photo Core?

A: 3 minutes. When Clearfil Photo Core is used with Clearfil SE Bond for core build-up, the procedure has been timed at approximately 3 minutes.

Q: What is used to cement the post prior to using Clearfil Photo Core?

A: Any cement may be used; however, Panavia resin cements have been tested for many years and have shown to be ideal for post and core cementation.

Q: What is the filler content of Clearfil Photo Core?

A: The filler content of Clearfil Photo Core is 83 wt% and 68 vol%.

Q: How is Clearfil Photo Core applied?

A: Clearfil Photo Core is available in either syringe or compule. If using the syringe, express material and place it manually, like a light-cure composite. The compule can be dispensed by using a composite dispensing applicator.

Q: Which bonding agents are recommended for use with Photo Core?

A: Photo core can be used with either SE Bond, SE Protect or Clearfil S3 Bond Plus, all of which are light-cure.