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Ultradent™ UltraEZ™ Desensitizing Gel with Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride

CRD Item Number: 705721

Manufacturer SKU: 5721-CN

Vendor Ultradent
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UltraEZ™ works instantly to alleviate discomfort and sensitivity, particularly after tooth whitening. UltraEZ is also ideal for treating patients suffering from toothbrush abrasion, thermal and chemical changes, and root exposure.

Formulated with 3% potassium nitrate and a 0.11% fluoride ion, UltraEZ, from Ultradent Products Inc., has a sticky, high viscous consistency that stays in contact with the teeth for fast relief while depolarizing the nerves.

UltraEZ is an excellent follow-up treatment to eliminate discomfort after tooth whitening, scaling and periodontal procedures.

  • Available in disposable, prefilled trays as well as in syringes for use with custom trays
  • Prefilled UltraFit™ tray adapts to any smile for a comfortable fit
  • Completely safe with no Glutaraldehyde
  • Can be used before and after whitening treatments

Certified Gluten Free

Indications for Use

Apply UltraEZ to seal dentinal tubules of exposed dentin and other areas where postoperative sensitivity is a concern.

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  1. Syringe UltraEZ into the custom tray. As a rule, one syringe should fill a complete arch. If the sensitivity is localized, concentrate gel in the affected area(s) while placing smaller amounts in the molar region to help hold the tray in place.

    ultra ez
  2. Teeth should be freshly brushed before the loaded tray is placed on the arch.

    Teeth should be freshly brushed
  3. Gently press the edges of the tray against the arch labially and palatally.

    Gently press the edges of the tray
  4. Remove excess gel using either a soft toothbrush or a clean finger.

    Remove excess gel
  5. Leave the tray in place for 30+ minutes (up to the dentist's discretion).

    Leave the tray in place
  6. After the tray is removed the patient should brush their teeth being careful not to swallow any UltraEZ gel. Use a soft toothbrush and cold water to wash out the tray.

    Use a soft toothbrush

Dr. Mark Colonna talks about using UltraEZ in his practice.

Tray Kit (Item Number: 705721):

  • 10 x upper pre-filled UltraEZ trays
  • 10 x lower pre-filled UltraEZ trays

Syringe Refill 4-Pack (701008): 4 x 1.2 mL UltraEZ syringes with tips

Syringe Refill 20-Pack (701007): 20 x 1.2 mL UltraEZ syringes with tips

Q: Can patients wear UltraEZ in their custom trays overnight?

A: No, UltraEZ is not indicated for overnight use.

Q: Does UltraEZ need to be refrigerated?

A: No, UltraEZ can be stored at room temperature.