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Ultradent™ Halo™ Instruments

CRD Item Number: 781141

Manufacturer SKU: 5047

Vendor Ultradent
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Use the Halo forceps to ensure maximum stability of the Halo ring during placement. The positive mechanical connection of the Halo tweezers ensures secure handling and grip during placement and removal of Halo bands and wedges. Securely hold, manipulate, and place Halo rings, bands, and wedges. Other features and benefits include:

  • Securely hold, manipulate, and place Halo rings, bands, and wedges
  • Halo tweezers feature ball tip for burnishing
  • Crossover action of the Halo tweezers creates powerful grip

The Halo sectional matrix system is the reliable, superior matrix system you need for consistently better results. Learn how to use it quickly and easily to complete your restorations.

Dr. Rafael Beolchi provides an overview of the Halo™ sectional matrix system, highlighting its features and why it benefits clinicians and patients.

Halo Matrix Forceps (Item Number: 781141): available individually

Halo Matrix Tweezers (781142) available individually

Product Information

View the Halo Clinical Brochure.