Garrison® BlueView™ Cervical Matrices Placement Instrument

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The BlueView™ Cervical Matrices Placement Instrument is intended for use with the BlueView Transparent Cervical Matrices.

Anatomical and flexible, BlueView cervical matrices eliminate the air-inhibited layer and reduce your finishing time while protecting the restoration from contamination. Other features and benefits include:

  • Adapt to individual anatomy for improved contours
  • Use it to directly compact the composite into the restoration
  • Thin edges allow excess composite to flow out for improved anatomy
  • Blue tint provides contrast between matrix and tooth structure, does not compromise composite polymerization
  • Protects restoration from contamination, eliminates air-inhibited layer
  • Eliminates time spent hand sculpting and reduces finishing time

Indications for Use

Class V procedure.

BlueView Cervical Matrix System Clinical Tip

  1. After you have used your preferred bonding procedure, place the restorative material into the preparation in advance of using the cervical matrix

    Place the cervical edge of the matrix against the tooth first.

    BlueView Cervical Figure 1
  2. While pressing the matrix firmly against the tooth, roll the matrix onto the tooth. Excess material will be expressed from the occlusal edge of the matrix rather than subgingivally, greatly simplifying clean up.

    Cure directly through the matrix

    BlueView Cervical Figure 2
EndoREZ Tubule Penetration

Blue View Cervical Matrices from Garrison Dental Solutions make Class V restorations faster and easier. Eliminate hand-scupting and reduce tedious finishing and polishing.

Blue View Matrix Techniques for Class II, III, IV, V and Diastema Closure.

The BlueView Cervical Matrices Placement Instrument [KCMINST1] (Item Number: 202818)