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Triodent® WedgeGuard

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The Triodent® WedgeGuard is a two-in-one tooth shield that eliminates the risk of bur damage to the adjacent tooth and the papilla so you can perform your preps better and faster. After preparation, the guard is detached while the wedge remains where it is, ready for the insertion of a V3 matrix band beside it. Other features and benefits include:

  • Cleaner, risk-free working area
  • Prevents bur damage to the adjacent tooth
  • Protects gingival papillae
  • Wedge stays behind after shield is detached, so no reactive hyperemia, no cost of second wedge
  • Saves time, reduces stress
  • Guard is 60 microns thick
  • Wedge retains all qualities of award-winning Wave-Wedge
  • Versatile – useful in a number of procedures

Indications for Use

Use the Triodent WedgeGuard in Class II and III cavities, veneers and crowns, and tunnel preps.

2017 Reality 4 Star Award 2016 Reality 4 Star Award 2015 Reality 4 Star Award 2014 Reality 4 Star Award 2013 Reality 4 Star Award

Dental Product Shopper Recommended 2011

Palodent Plus WedgeGuard

  1. To protect the mesial aspect of the adjacent tooth during cavity prep, a WedgeGuard from Triodent was used.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical WedgeGuard
  2. Cavity prep complete. At this point the metal shield of the WedgeGuard was detached from the Wave-Wedge, leaving just the wedge behind.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Wave-Wedge
  3. A medium V3 Tab-Matrix band was inserted between the wedge and the tooth. Both wedge and matrix were then secured with a Narrow V3 Ring.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Matrix Band
  4. The last increment of composite is placed.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Composite Placement
  5. Finished restoration.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Final Restoration

You can prep Class II & III cavities, veneers and crowns much faster with a WedgeGuard as the worry of damaging the neighbouring tooth is eliminated.

“The WedgeGuard makes those difficult interproximal preparations so easy to accomplish. The wedge protects the gingiva, the guard protects the adjacent tooth, and the removal of the guard and placement of a matrix band is so easy. What a great time and tooth saver.”

John Comisi, DDS

WedgeGuard Intro Kit (Item Number: 303386):

  • 25 x Small WedgeGuards (White)
  • 25 x Medium WedgeGuards Medium (Pink)
  • 25 x Large WedgeGuards Large (Purple)

Small WedgeGuard (303383): 50 x Small WedgeGuards (White)

Medium WedgeGuard (303384): 50 x Medium WedgeGuards (Pink)

Large WedgeGuard (303385): 50 x Large WedgeGuards (Purple)

Q. Can the WedgeGuard be used as a matrix band?

A. No. The WedgeGuard is for protecting the adjacent tooth from unintentional damage. If you use it as a matrix it will create an overhang. After removing the metal shield, the wedge can then be used as a wedge, retaining all the qualities of a Triodent Wave-Wedge.

Q. The top of the WedgeGuard partially obscures my view of the cavity area and affects access. What can I do about that?

A. You can improve vision and access by cutting away part of the guard, for example with a high-speed diamond bur.

Q. What if the contact is too tight to insert the WedgeGuard?

A. If the contact point is too tight to get the WedgeGuard through, cut through the occlusal enamel into the carious lesion to weaken the marginal ridge. Once the marginal ridge is fractured off, it is easy to push the WedgeGuard through.

Q. How can I insert a matrix band with the wedge already in place when it is too tight?

A. If there is no room to slide the matrix directly in between the wedge and the cavity, slide the wedge out partially, then place the matrix, then push the wedge back in. Use a finger to trap the matrix against the side of the tooth while doing this to ensure it does not move.

Q. Does the WedgeGuard separate the teeth?

A. Most wedges have a conflict of function, needing to be hard enough to separate the teeth but soft and adaptive enough to provide a seal at the gingival margin. The WedgeGuard will separate the teeth just slightly but that is not its function. Triodent gives the main job of separation to the V3 Ring, leaving the WedgeGuard free to fulfil its primary role as an interproximal guard and then to provide an excellent marginal seal when the guard is removed and replaced with a standard matrix.

Q. Can I stack other wedges under the WedgeGuard?

A. Yes, you can. The wedge used in the WedgeGuard retains all the qualities of the Wave-Wedge.

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