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Clinician's Choice® Clear Impression Trays

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Clear Impression Trays are designed for use with AffinityÔäó Crystal and Template┬« Clear to create a clear matrix for veneer temporaries.

Clear Impression Trays are available in universal anterior, full-arch upper, and full-arch lower trays.

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Creating clear matrix with the quadrant Clear Impression Tray

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos.

  1. Template Clear is best used with a non-perforated clear tray for maximum clarity and can be used in full arch or sectional trays.

    Template Clear Syringing Into Clear Impression Tray
  2. Water-clear Template Clear provides excellent visibility through the provisional process. After loading the clear tray with a provisional composite and reseating, potential voids are easily identified and if a light-cured provisional material is used (i.e. veneer temps), Template Clear's clarity will allow light-curing directly through it.

    Template Clear Seated Intraorally In Clear Tray
  3. The Template Clear matrix within a clear impression tray demonstrating perfect clarity in the anterior.

    Template Clear Anterior Closeup in Clear Impression Tray

Upper Arch:

  • 6-Pack (Item Number: 036601)
  • 25-Pack (036251)

Lower Arch:

  • 6-Pack (036602)
  • 25-Pack (036252)

Universal Anterior:

  • 6-Pack (036603)
  • 25-Pack (036253)

Quadrant Left:

  • 6-Pack (036604)
  • 25-Pack (036254)

Quadrant Right:

  • 6-Pack (036605)
  • 25-Pack (036255)