CRD Item Number: 202150
Manufacturer Item Number: B050
Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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Garrison's original sectional matrix bands, the Composi-Tight® B-Series Matrix Bands are contoured in 3 dimensions to provide an accurate contact at the tooth's natural height of contour.

  • Slightly shorter length than all the other sectional matrix bands from Garrison
  • Band thickness is .0015"

Indications for Use

Class II procedure.

B-Series band diagram

How to properly place matrix bands in a few simple steps to get the best restoration possible.

Composi-Tight 3.2mm Pedodontic with Extension Matrix Bands [B050] (Item Number: 202150): 50-Pack

Composi-Tight 4.6mm Bicuspid Matrix Bands [B100] (202101): 100-Pack

Composi-Tight 3.8mm Bicuspid with Extension Matrix Bands [B150] (202151): 50-Pack

Composi-Tight 6.4mm Molar Matrix Bands [B200] (202102): 100-Pack

Composi-Tight 6.4mm Molar with Extension Matrix Bands [B300] (202153): 50-Pack

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