CRD Item Number: 190028
Manufacturer Item Number: 6856.FG.012.A2
Diamond Burs
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Tapered chamfer - matches H375R carbide finisher series.

Indications for Use

Crown preparation.

Looking for a way to easily switch to Komet burs? Download and then print a Komet Bur Conversion Card here:

a clinical image of 6856 tapered chamfer diamond bur preparing a tooth for a crown

The 6856 is a coarse, tapered chamfer diamond bur used for crown preparation.

Shank Type

Komet 5856 Shank Types

Diamond Grit Size Legend

Komet Diamond Grit Size Legend

Maximum Permissible Speed Legend

Komet Maximum Permissible Speed Guide

Friction Grip Shank:

  • 6856.FG.012: 5-Pack (Item Number: 190028) or 100-Pack (1901263)
  • [POPULAR] 6856.FG.014: 5-Pack (190029) or 100-Pack (1901264)
  • [POPULAR] 6856.FG.016: 5-Pack (190030) or 100-Pack (1901265)
  • [POPULAR] 6856.FG.018: 5-Pack (190031) or 100-Pack (1901266)
  • 6856.FG.021: 5-Pack (190032)

Friction Grip - Short Shank:

  • 6856.FG.012: 5-Pack (1901267)
  • 6856.FG.014: 5-Pack (1901268)
  • 6856.FG.016: 5-Pack (1901269)
  • 6856.FG.018: 5-Pack (1901270)
  • 6856.FG.027: 5-Pack (1901271)
  • 6856.FG.029: 5-Pack (1901272)
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