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Dental Composites
Dental Composites
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Dental Composites

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Dental composites are made from a mixture of resin and fine particles of glass or ceramic and are designed to be strong and durable while also matching the colour of the surrounding teeth. Modern dental composites are highly advanced materials that have improved significantly over the past several decades.

There are several different types of dental composites, each with its own unique properties and uses:

  1. Bulk fill composites: Bulk fill composites are designed to be placed in large increments, typically up to 4 millimetres at a time. They are formulated to be less viscous than traditional composites, which allows them to flow more easily and reduce the number of layers that need to be placed.
  2. Sculptable composites or Paste Composites: Sculptable composites are highly malleable materials that can be shaped and molded to create a variety of tooth contours. They are often used for cosmetic purposes, such as reshaping or contouring teeth.
  3. Flowable composites: Flowable composites are thin, fluid materials that are used to fill small gaps or defects in the tooth structure. They are designed to flow easily into small spaces and to bond well to the surrounding tooth structure.

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