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CRD Item Number: 095900
Manufacturer Item Number: 812001
Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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The Bioclear™ Diamond Wedge features an anatomical design and flexible material that creates an excellent marginal adaptation and a perfectly tight seal. Traditionally designed wedges can be difficult to put into position, are prone to back out once placed, can traumatize the papilla, and often do not adequately seal the matrix against the tooth.

The Bioclear Diamond Wedge requires less effort to place than traditional wedges due to the diamond-shaped cut-out in the tip, which collapses during insertion. The wedge then springs open once through the embrasure, creating a tight seal and preventing the wedge from backing out. While still maintaining strong tooth separation, the flexibility of the Diamond Wedge creates a complete marginal seal which eliminates the uncontrolled flow of excess composite and minimizes clean up after the composite has been cured.

Bioclear Diamond Wedge Placement

Class II Restoration using the Bioclear Method. Step 2 preview: Pre-Wedge with Diamond Wedge.

Class 2 Pre-Wedge

Click here to view the full step-by-step Class II Restoration using the Bioclear Method Guide.

Diamond Wedge selection followed by correct Biofit Matrix and Twin Ring placement by Dr. David Clark.

Learn how to use the Push-Pull Instrument with the Spot Weld Technique, the Go/No-Go Instrument, and the two-step Rockstar Polish.

The Clark Push-Pull instrument is the "light saber" of tools. From teaching to actually using, the Push-Pull instrument is a must have.

Bioclear Diamond Wedge Assorted Kit (Item Number: 095900):

  • 16 x Diamond Wedge Small (Pink)
  • 16 x Diamond Wedge Medium (Orange)
  • 16 x Diamond Wedge Large (Yellow)
  • 16 x Diamond Wedge Extra Large (Blue)
  • 16 x Diamond Wedge Deep Caries (Green)

Bioclear Diamond Wedge 50-Pack individual refills available for all sizes:

  • Diamond Wedge Small (Pink) (095103)
  • Diamond Wedge Medium (Orange) (095104)
  • Diamond Wedge Large (Yellow) (095101)
  • Diamond Wedge Extra Large (Blue) (095102)
  • Diamond Wedge Deep Caries (Green) (095105)

Click here to view An Improved Quadrant Class II Composite Technique Clinical Technique in Dentistry Today with Dr. David Clark where he discusses the use of the Bioclear Biofit Matrix System for Class II restorations.

Click here to view the Bioclear Matrix Systems Information Booklet.

Click here to view the Bioclear Diamond Wedges SDS.

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Recommended Matrix Bands: Bioclear Posterior Matrices

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