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Clinician's Choice® PowerMix 120mL Dynamic Mixing Tips are indicated for use with PowerMix cartridges such as Affinity Heavy Body and InFlex.

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Attaching the Mixing Tip to Clinician's Choice® PowerMix™ Automatic Impression Material Dispenser

  1. Pull the locking ring upwards until it clicks.

    Attaching PowerMix Mixing Tips. Step 1
  2. Line up the metal mixing shaft of PowerMix with the corresponding part (in black) of the mixing tip. Push in lightly. Turn the mixing tip slightly and continue pushing until the 2 circular recesses on the back of the mixing tip line up with the corresponding outflow openings of the cartridge. Push in firmly until it bottoms out.

    Attaching PowerMix Mixing Tips. Step 2
  3. Press down the locking ring firmly to ensure that the mixing tip and the cartridge are fully engaged.

    Attaching PowerMix Mixing Tips. Step 3

Removing the Mixing Tip

  1. Pull the mixing tip locking ring all the way up and remove the mixing tip by using a slight rocking motion while pulling.

    Removing PowerMix Mixing Tip

PowerMix Dynamic Mixing Tip (Item Number: 033539) 50-Pack.

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