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CRD Item Number: 160101
Manufacturer Item Number: 20003
Compule Dispensing Guns
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Compo-Ject™ is a unique metal compule dispensing gun designed for all brands of composite compules. Lightweight and durable, the Compo-Ject is the last dispensing gun you will ever want to buy. Compo-Ject’s ergonomics, spring-loaded compule tip and durable metal design provide many benefits:

  • Made from high-grade, acid-resistant stainless steel. No more cracked guns.
  • Allows for easy and quick replacement of compule due to the unique (patented) clip-in lock system.
  • Locking mechanism prevents inadvertent dislodging of the compule once in place.
  • Smooth and effortless trigger mechanism helps maintain control of the compule for easy composite extrusion, no matter the viscosity.
  • Compule can be rotated in all directions - and is safely fixed at any angle.
  • Design allows for a comfortable grip, regardless of hand size.
  • Autoclavable. Please read the operating instructions for further details.
  • 5-year guarantee on material and construction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Compo-Ject is designed for manufacturer pre-filled composite compules only.

Reality Four Star Award

Easy and effortless application of prefilled unit-dose composite compules. The applicator has an ergonomically designed finger grip with a gearing that makes it easy to apply even highly viscous composite materials. Gentle on hand and wrist.

"My Compo-Ject feels solid and natural in my hand to give me control and accuracy in composite placement."

Dr. Elliot Mechanic, Verdun, Quebec

"Best, Long-Lasting Composite Gun on the Market."

"I am on the website to reorder one of these guns. After approx. 10 years of daily heavy use, the internal spring has finally given up. This gun does exactly what it is supposed to do, and faithfully. It is easy to clean, load, and Incredibly durable."

Posted by Pat Prendergast

Compo-Ject Compule Dispensing Gun (Item Number: 160101): available individually.

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