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CRD Item Number: 716408
Manufacturer Item Number: 6408-CN
Tissue Management
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ViscoStat™ Clear is a patented tissue-kind silica formula recommended for anterior restorations to quickly stop minor bleeding without forming coagulum or leaving any residue.

ViscoStat Clear is a 25% aluminium Chloride gel in a transparent viscous, aqueous gel.

  • Stops all minor intraoral bleeding, but designed specifically for the esthetic zone
  • Transparent gel leaves no residue and rinses off with ease
  • Gel formulation won't run like liquid hemostatics
  • Will not interfere with set of VPS impression materials

Certified Gluten Free

Indications for Use

ViscoStat Clear is intended for sulcus retraction prior to impression making and to control bleeding and gingival oozing in restorative and operative dentistry.

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  1. ​Subgingival preparation and bleeding sulcus.

    Subgingival preparation and bleeding sulcus
  2. ​Rub hemostatic firmly against bleeding tissues. Achieve most rapid hemostasis with the Metal Dento-Infusor tip. The clear gel allows easy visibility and rinses away quickly.

    Rub hemostatic firmly against bleeding tissues
  3. Press Ultrapak cord into gel in sulcus around tooth preparations. Leave 4–5 minutes.

    Press Ultrapak cord into gel
  4. ​Remove cord. Firm air/water spray. Air dry. Rub gel into the sulcus again. Leave 1 minute.

    Remove cord
  5. ​Final rinse. Dry, and make impression. Repeat above steps if needed.

    ​Final rinse
  6. ​Finished restoration 2 weeks post-op. Facilitates great control in the esthetic zone with no residue.

    Finished restoration

Dr. Dan Fischer explains the history and progression of Ultradent's Viscostat-Clear.

Dento-Infusor Kit (Item Number: 716409):

Indispense 30 mL Syringe (716408): 1 x 30mL Viscostat Clear Indispense Syringe

Q: Can ViscoStat Clear be used for all tissue management needs?

A: While ViscoStat Clear does provide profound hemostasis, its onset is not as fast as those hemostatics formulated with ferric sulfate such as ViscoStat or Astringedent. We recommend these faster-acting hemostatics be used in areas outside of the esthetic zone.

Click here to view the Viscostat Clear MSDS.

Click here to view the Viscostat Clear IFU.

Recommended Tips: Metal Dento-infusor Tips

Recommended Syringes: 1.2ml Empty Syringes

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