CRD Item Number: 481501
Manufacturer Item Number: 6061A1
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Renamel® Universal Microhybrid gives you strength, colour, and esthetics - everything you need for a successful composite restoration. Renamel Microhybrid adapts beautifully to underlying tooth structure, flows exactly where you want it to flow, and has an ideal opacity to minimize shine-through. Because it has great flow and a thicker oxygen inhibited layer, Renamel Microhybrid is easy to manipulate and place in thin layers. Other features and benefits include:

  • Stronger than most hybrids and less likely to chip in high-stress areas
  • Best composite for blocking unwanted under-colour
  • Adapts perfectly to underlying tooth structure
  • Doesn't stick or slump
  • Extremely sculptable
  • Excellent wetting properties

Indications for Use

Renamel Microhybrid is recommended for anterior restorations (Class III and IV); deep Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge shaped defects); posterior restorations (Class I and II); veneering of discoloured teeth; closing of diastemas; repair of composite and ceramic veneers.

Reality Four Star Award

Rampant Caries (Before)

Rampant Carries

Final Restoration (After)

Cosmedent Renamel Microhybrid Composite Final Restoration

For establishing colour, Renamel Microhybrid is the layer that counts. Learn how Renamel Microhybrid can help you block unwanted undercolor while providing the perfect canvas for you to create the final esthetic result.

"I've been using Renamel Microhybrid since 1994 in cases large and small. Its ability to adapt to the underlying tooth or composite layer is the BEST I've experienced. The chance of trapping air bubbles or having an open margin is reduced because of its viscosity. The degree of opacity seems ideal for most single material restorations too, which minimizes tooth show-thru in large restorations. I've probably used it in more cases than any other material, and I still use it regularly."

Dr. Corky Willhite

Renamel Microhybrid Refill 5 g Syringes are available individually in the following shades:

  • A1 (Item Number: 481501)
  • A2 (481503)
  • A3 (481505)
  • A3.5 (481506)
  • A4 (481507)
  • B0 (481529)
  • B1 (481510)
  • B2 (481511)
  • B3 (481512)
  • B4 (481513)
  • C1 (481514)
  • C2 (481515)
  • C3 (481516)
  • C4 (481517)
  • D2 (481519)
  • D3 (481520)
  • D4 (481521)
  • Clear Occlusal (481528)
  • Incisal Light (481523)
  • Incisal Medium (481524)
  • Milky White Occlusal (481527)
  • White (481526)
  • Superbrite 1 (483510)
  • SuperBrite 2 (483511)
  • SuperBrite 3 (483512)

Renamel Microhybrid Refill 0.25 g Compules (10-pack) are available in the following shades:

  • A1 (482501)
  • A2 (482503)
  • A3 (482505)
  • A3.5 (482506)
  • A4 (482507)
  • B1 (482510)
  • B2 (482511)
  • C1 (482514)
  • C2 (482515)
  • C3 (482516)
  • C4 (482517)
  • D2 (482519)
  • D3 (482520)
  • Milky White Occlusal (482527)
  • White (482526)
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