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RTD Macro-Lock® Post™ Illusion® X-RO® Drills

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Macro-Lock® Post Illusion® X-RO® drills are colour-coded drills for fibre-reinforced Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO endodontic posts.

Available in various sizes as universal starter and finishing drills. Drills are provided in hygienic "blister" packaging.

Dental Advisor Editor's Choice Four and a Half Stars rating
  1. Facial view of the initial case showing a failed PFM crown on tooth #9 (endo treated).

    MacroLock Clinical 1
  2. After crown removal, tooth preparation, and root canal prepared to receive a #1 Macro-Lock X-RO post, the canal is etched for 20 seconds, rinsed, and lightly dried with paper points.

    MacroLock Clinical 2
  3. Bonding agent is applied and light-cured.

    MacroLock Clinical 3
  4. A dual-cured resin cement is placed inside the canal from the bottom to the top avoiding trapping air bubbles.

    MacroLock Clinical 4
  5. Macro-Lock X-RO Post is inserted into the resin cement and light cured.

    MacroLock Clinical 5
  6. A core buildup is fabricated using the same material selected for cementation.

    MacroLock Clinical 6
  7. Facial view. The colour of the Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO post has disappeared to ensure esthetics are not compromised.

    MacroLock Clinical 7
MacroLockXRO post features Macro Lock

  • Macro-serrations and anti-rotation features interlock with the cement and core material to increase retention.
  • Flexural strength of at least 1800 MPa makes it the strongest fiber post on the market.
  • Intrinsic color-coding disappears when seated, re-appears on demand, if removal ever becomes necessary.
  • Tapered shape enhances adaptation to the root anatomy and conserves dentin.
  • Incorporates color-coding for easy identification before or after placement – posts match the drills.
  • Atraumatically removable in minutes.
  • Translucency provides esthetics and expedites the dual-cure cementation procedure.
  • Corrosion-free and biocompatible.

"I have placed over 500 Macro-Lock posts without a single failure. The tapered shape facilitates minimal removal of tooth structure and ensures a minimal amount cement, which minimizes polymerization shrinkage and micro-leakage. Superior physical properties, along with macro and micro-retention, and anti-rotational features make this my post of choice for extensively broken-down teeth."

Dr. Manfred Friedman

"I have used RTD fiber posts since 1997 and do not have cases of breaking or failure in my treatments."

Dr. Sandra Costa Zamboni

Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO Drills available individually:

  • Finishing Drill #1 (Item Number: 590221)
  • Finishing Drill #2 (590222)
  • Finishing Drill #3 (590223)
  • Finishing Drill #4 (590224)
  • Finishing Drill #5 (590225)
  • Finishing Drill #6 (590226)
  • Universal Starter Drill #1 (590202)
  • Universal Starter Drill #2 (590203)